Settling Down and Buying a House as a Foreigner

Buying a home is one the biggest decision you’ll make in your life and that decision is even bigger if you’re a foreigner who is trying to settle down. Being a foreigner in America certainly isn’t easy. After the fifties and sixties, many things have changed, but foreigners are even now widely discriminated in the USA. Still, this mustn’t discourage you if you have already made your decision. Buying a home means you have found your place in this country and that you have succeeded in some business or your job. Succeeding and being recognized in the USA when you’re a non-native who has come to USA to start a new life is truly a major accomplishment. Although many companies have passed through affirmative action training they still have problems with managing and ensuring equal employment opportunities. Buying a home means you feel safe in this country. Finally, buying a home in the USA means you also love this country and you feel like it finally resembles and feels as your own. This is truly a big step for you. In this article we’ll consider some things you may overlook when buying a home and offer some advice that may help you alleviate the whole process.


The most important thing when buying a home is your needs. Do you need a small house or a big house? Can you afford a big house? Can you pay your mortgage in time? There a lot questions you can ask yourself, but always, less answers. Buying a house can be very tricky if any detail is miscalculated, that is why it’s essential to get a good consult from professionals like West Seattle Mortgage. They will be with you through the whole process, from getting a loan to buying a house and they’ll offer you various strategies, options and solutions according to your financial situation and also to your desires.


As every other first home buyer, you mustn’t believe you know everything best. Be open to other people’s opinion and advice. Sincere advice can only bring you something good. Professional consultation from real estate agent and some personal research is very recommendable so you could clarify all your ideas, thoughts and possible misunderstandings before the actual purchase. Other very important thing is not to go for “the cheapest is the best” option because you’ll end up visiting sites like or websites of similar repairing services because you get a house filled with hidden problems. You’ll just end up spending a lot more money on repairs because the previous homeowner didn’t mention there is a poor drainage or a security problem. If you come across a very cheap option, always doubt and think twice!


When you have found a few houses that you like, do thorough research before actually purchasing. Don’t just pay attention to the house, but also to the environment. People tend to make a rapid decision when they find a house they like and end up in a bad neighborhood. If the neighborhood is bad, the house is usually a lot cheaper. Real estate sellers also love not to mention these issues. A good neighborhood is essential for enjoying a peaceful and quiet life.


Consider the functionality of the house instead of being amazed with aesthetics. Don’t turn down a good offer if the house needs small renovation like painting, small roof repairs and similar. Also don’t get amazed with big residences. Big doesn’t have to be good because it can turn out to be unsustainable. Consider your true needs. A small house can be as equally beautiful as bigger houses.

We hope we’ve helped you with our tips. Post your opinion in the comments below!

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