Things to look for when hiring a plumber

Dealing with a plumbing emergency is a tricky thing when you’re running out of time and don’t know who to call. There’s water all over the place, the damage is increasing every second, and you have no idea who to call. The more you wait, the more money you’ll have to pay. Not to mention the stress you’ll have to put up with.
To prevent such scenario from happening, you need to have a plumber you can rely on at any given time. Why is that important? Because if you act quickly, the damage will be easier to stop, and the issue itself will be easier to locate. Keep in mind that not every plumber or plumbing company can provide you a quality service you need. So, you have to do a little bit of research to find the plumber who’s already proven to be reliable and trustworthy. Here are a few things to pay attention to when looking for a plumber.

License first
Even though the most plumbing companies will have the proper license if you decide to call an individual plumber, you have to ask for it. The license is a proof they can legally provide plumbing service, and it’s also a statement of the quality of their work.
It’s always better to hire a plumber that’s insured. That way, if an accident or an injury happens, both of you are protected and covered.

Once you make a call to a plumber, and when you explain the problem, ask for the price. Make sure to call several plumbers before you make a decision which one to hire. Depending on the nature of the plumbing problem you’re having, some of them won’t be able to give you an exact estimate over the phone, but you may get an approximate number. Also, make sure to call 3 or 4 plumbers before you decide to hire one, so you can compare their prices.
Check for references
Experienced plumbers who are in the business for years already have a good reputation among the local population, and maybe even wider. If they can give you references, you should consider to hire them. If they refuse to, look elsewhere. Also, it’s not a mistake to ask your friends or colleagues for advice. Word of mouth marketing does a great job for local plumbers.
Ask for their experience
A plumbing company is more likely to have people with years of experience in the business, but still, it’s not a mistake to ask. Having been for many years in the plumbing business means they do a good job.
Ask for warranty
Any good plumber should be able to guarantee their work, at least for one year. Some of them will probably refuse to do so, in which case you should just move on.
Ask for their availability
It’s good to know you’ll always have someone to help you out, so you should always ask if they provide an emergency service. If you know you can count on them 24 hours a day, you’ll know you should hire them.

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