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Banking services by Yorkshire are near perfect. The bank however doesn’t deny that there is a very small percentage where cases arises and the service is put I question by the clients. Just to make it clear, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the transactions you do on this bank are perfect. We can guarantee 99.9% that transactions are correct. If you are not sure, we have made it possible for you to contact the bank customer care and get assistance or clarification. You can’t complain that there are no channels of reaching out to us. We have communication methods of all kinds for clients to pick whichever that best suits them. In addition, we have different numbers for different enquiry topics as discussed below.

Complaints number

If you are one of the few that experience incorrect record of transactions, you might need to express your concern to push for corrections. Without complaints, some clients we have helped before could still be complaining of money lost. By making a complaint, you help us spot any leakage in our systems that might require updating. Our contact number for complaints is 0800 055 6655. Once you call that number and ask your question, you can get your answer immediately or after 2 days at most where processing is required. The service is available from 8am to 6pm on weekdays.

Customer helpline number

Sometimes, it’s about enquiries to do with private accounts and other details you prefer being confidential. Where you have a bank account for your business or a private account, asking for details for the same will have to be via the helpline. The number here is 0800 141 2231. Customers should use this number for example when enquiring about mortgage details as well as online banking.

Services number

Where you have issue with any of the service offered to you by the bank whether it’s a complaint, complement or an enquiry, it’s the number to use. The number being 0800 456 1247 is available full time. Feel free to call any time. You might want to cancel your direct debits, check balance, transfer money or check on any other service that is urgent or not among other concerns.

Emergency numbers

Where you are face with a contingency that you never expected and you need the bank to know of it, the emergency line has been set up for you. Just call 0800 678 3380 and you will have the matter looked into. In case of loss of a visa or a chequebook for example, that can’t wait. The sooner you call the better to prevent severe damage to your financial health.

Yorkshire info numbers are in plenty. It is better if you check them out on our website to pick the best appropriate number according to your case. For general cases however, the general number 0800 356 1247 is the one to use.


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